Carmen Brinn Morton

Carmen Brinn Morton serves as Senior Vice President at The Brinn Group and provides strategic leadership and oversight of all operations, marketing and community relations activities and programming. Ms. Brinn-Morton joined the team in July of 2021, and comes to The Brinn Group from a distinguished educational background and career in education, with a Masters in early Childhood Special Education. As a graduate of Long Island University CW Post and the Bank Street Graduate School of Education, she has been servicing children and families in urban education for over 10 years. During her tenure as a NYC Department of Education Special Education Teacher, she worked closely with the school administration and elected officials to ensure that her students and families received the educational and technology resources needed to excel. She also advocated and championed efforts to support remote learning for children with IEPs (Individual Education Plans) at the height of the covid pandemic, to ensure that they would continue to thrive.

As a Developmental Specialist, she worked with and supported families in highly underserved communities in the NY/NJ area, helping them to implement strategies and techniques that would enable special needs children to reach their developmental milestones. Mrs. Brinn brings a wealth of community based advocacy experience to her new role that will enhance our organizational performance and capabilities and provide great value added for all of our clients.